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Blocks and Lots

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Fish jumping into net

No Such Thing As Easy Money: Corporate Speculation

| Andrea's Posts, Recent Posts | No Comments

’tis a Trade founded in Fraud, born of Deceit, and nourished by Trick, Cheat, Wheedle, Forgeries, Falshoods, and all sorts of Delusions; Coining false News,…

Death Speculators

The Death Speculators

| All Posts, Gary's Posts, Recent Posts | No Comments

In the thriller Buying Time written by a friend of mine, attorney and mystery writer Pamela Samuels Young, a disbarred lawyer named Waverly Sloan goes…

All Men Must Die

Burial Plots

| Albert's Posts, Recent Posts | No Comments

“Valor Marghulis” – All “Song of Ice and Fire” fans know it means “All Men Must Die” in High Valyrian. At some point, we must…


Broken Windows and the ‘Slowdown’

| All Posts, Celine's Posts, Recent Posts | No Comments

A few weeks ago, as New Yorkers (well, tourists) rang in the New Year at Times Square, an unusual thing happened: no one got arrested….


L.A.’s Police Addiction

| All Posts, Jackie's Posts, Recent Posts | No Comments

On January 10th, the Police Protective League, the union that represents police officers at the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), announced that they had hired…


Reflections in Black and White

| All Posts, Gilda's Posts, Recent Posts | 7 Comments

Part I In 1987 me, Gary and his father, Dikes, moved from Gary’s boyhood home in South L.A. on Flower near Slauson to the house…


On Slow and Spectacular Violence

| All Posts, Andrea's Posts, Recent Posts | One Comment

In the aftermath of the murder of Michael Brown I wrote about Ferguson, a catharsis of feeling, a mourning for another life taken, a way to…


Through a Lens, Blackly

| All Posts, Gary's Posts, Recent Posts | No Comments

While I haven’t seen Selma yet, I intend to. Though given I’ll probably see it at the movie theater multiplex in the Crenshaw mall for…


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