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Making Democracy Fun

Review: Making Democracy Fun

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My confession of the week: I hate electoral politics. I hate the piles of mailers, attack ads, and clever, narrow messaging. I hate the fact…

Macon Banknote

Banking on Slavery

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The biggest “aha” for me after reading Edward E. Baptist’s The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism is the…

Fish jumping into net

No Such Thing As Easy Money: Corporate Speculation

| Andrea's Posts, Recent Posts | No Comments

’tis a Trade founded in Fraud, born of Deceit, and nourished by Trick, Cheat, Wheedle, Forgeries, Falshoods, and all sorts of Delusions; Coining false News,…

Death Speculators

The Death Speculators

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In the thriller Buying Time written by a friend of mine, attorney and mystery writer Pamela Samuels Young, a disbarred lawyer named Waverly Sloan goes…

All Men Must Die

Burial Plots

| Albert's Posts, Recent Posts | No Comments

“Valor Marghulis” – All “Song of Ice and Fire” fans know it means “All Men Must Die” in High Valyrian. At some point, we must…

Oakland Coliseum

Slumlord Stadium

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I can never forgive Al Davis for destroying the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Complex –– once a beautiful baseball venue

Old man, young man

Role Reversal

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Growing up in a protective working class family meant rarely venturing far from my parents.  Eating out at restaurants occurred about once a year, I…

Clock head

A Time for Real Skills

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The first time I heard the phrase “Time is of the essence,” I just thought it meant that time is important.  When I started performing…

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