Big Water, a graphic novel




In Southern California’s quiet Bell Park, there’s a war going on. Old guard commissioners from the town’s water board are making a bid to privatize the cash-strapped small municipality’s water supply.

But the resident’s smell a rat. They organize a special election to run candidates who will keep their water affordable and under public control. Hometown organizer Melinda Cruz finds herself at odds with her brother, Jaime, who works for Double Six, a multi-million dollar designer water label lusting to capture the town’s historic acquifer.

Political corruption, double-dealing, loyalties and betrayals, even the mysterious death of a city hall lobbyist, all unfold as forces contend for the most precious of resources. Big Water promises that once you finish the story, you won’t take water for granted again.

Written by crime novelist Gary Phillips, illustrated by Manoel Magalhães, with an introduction by Kim Stanley Robinson, preface by Gilda Haas and afterword by Cyndi Hubach.

  1. Gilda Haas

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