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Who is Dr. Pop?

Dr. Pop is a popular education website that helps people become better story-tellers and strategic thinkers.

We do this by telling stories ourselves, explaining complicated things in simple ways, and showing how and why we did it.

Along the way we focus on how the economy, urban planning, and democracy work; provide living examples of how they can work better; and offer tools for organizers, educators, students, activists, and all manner of curious people who are interested in change.

With equal parts wit and wisdom, Dr. Pop makes complex ideas simple.

S.A. Bachman, Co-Founder, THINK AGAIN

Dr. Pop is just what the community ordered: fun, smart, and simple explanations to today's political and economic complications.

Sushma Sheth

Dr. Pop made it easier or our members to engage in our programs and campaigns. When it comes to effectiveness and efficiency, no one tops Dr. Pop.

Carl Lipscomb