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Mr. T Says: Treat Your Mother Right!

By 05/11/2010September 8th, 2014All Posts, Andrea's Posts

So Mr. T and I have a lot in common. You probably didn’t know that, but it’s true. Apart from our shared love of mohawks, gold jewelry, knuckle rings, and camouflage short shorts (which I’m rocking even now), we also both think it’s about time we treated our mothers right.

Where did I find such a delicious video? Oh, I have my ways.

The point comes at the beginning though. Remember, if you put down one mother, you put down mothers all over the world. Trust Mr. T for making complicated things simple. And if everyone thought that way, just imagine the world as it could be. I go farther than Mr. T of course, he’s at base level one. Chocolates, hugs, neck rubs, fun outings on tandems. That’s the bare minimum for our mums. We start there. But I say we step it up a notch. Let’s put into play all those values our mothers taught us and see what we get.

We’d definitely be paying all mothers a living wage. Wow! Just like that we get mothers who actually have time to spend with their kids instead of working 12 hour shifts or 2 jobs! They work hard, our mums, they deserve fair pay, I want no more of them crying into their pillows and wondering desperately where the money to pay the bills is coming from. Not another phone call begging creditors for extensions or reductions or mercy of any kind. Enough I say. We can also talk wages for housework and the Global Women’s Strike.

There’s more we could do. Like maybe ensuring that rich people treat their domestic workers like they would their own mothers. So they could just do a good job, and not be forced to clean expensively tiled kitchen floors on their hands and knees with a toothbrush. Or listen to abuse while taking care of other people’s kids and missing their own. Lets give all mothers the right to unionize and fight for better conditions wherever they work.

Let’s make health care a right, so no one has to drive around like my mum did, trying to find a hospital that would set my brother’s broken arm knowing we had no health insurance. Hospitals turn mums away. They shouldn’t. They shouldn’t be making our mothers pay so much out of pocket for their medicine either, with or without insurance.

We could help our mothers raise our families with better cheaper child care, better schools, youth programs, expanded libraries and summer activities. Have more shelters and more help for mothers escaping domestic violence. We could fix up and build classy affordable housing so no mothers anywhere have to spend most of their paychecks on rent just to raise their kids with the rats and the roaches and the leaky pipes.

Bet you can think of a lot more. And you know what mother’s are like, they won’t be comfortable sitting back and letting us do all of this just for them, they’ll be telling us our business and making sure it’s for everyone. All our mothers taught us to share, so I don’t understand why bankers can’t manage it. So let’s cut our jibber jabber and get on this…mother, there is no other, like mother. So treat her right! Pure poetry.

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