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Monopoly City (the game)

By 04/20/2010September 9th, 2014All Posts, Games, Gilda's Posts

Gilda’s Gaming Adventure continues…

Monopoly City is yet another variation of the classic Monopoly game, and it continues the time-honored tradition for winning:   whoever ends with the most money and buildings wins.  But there are some urban  twists, which are:

Game board: The center of the game board is where you build your stuff — buildings, apartments and office buildings, etc.  One unique building is a stadium, which requires some land assembly, but in the end makes you wealthier in general (stadium owners get more money when they pass Go).  Sounds like real life.  The gizmo in the middle of the game board does two things — it lets you know how many lots you can build on during your turn (between one and three) and it times (60 seconds) your negotiations with other players.

monopoly city game board

Hazards: The rent from your housing is devalued (eliminated, actually) if another player builds a hazard (power station, a sewage plant, a prison, and a rubbish dump) in one of your “districts.”  Say it isn’t so!  Even Monopoly recognizes that all development isn’t necessarily all good.

monopoly city hazards

Conversely Bonus buildings protect your “districts” from anyone sabotaging them by putting a hazard on your stuff.  Bonus buildings are good things like schools, wind farms, water towers, and parks.

monopoly city bonus buildings

Otherwise….very much in the spirit of the monopoly game.  If you like playing monopoly, you will enjoy this game. My daughter, Chelsea loves playing monopoly, loved playing this game, and as usual, beat my socks off.  It must have been the tiny addition of social value that did it.

Opinions, gamers? Game suggestions?

Next week: Havana (the game)


  • Tony Chavira says:

    Gilda! I’d love to help you take the game Risk and replace troops and cards with money and lobbyist goals. What do you think?

  • Gilda Haas says:

    OK! Let’s do it. Just so you know….you will have to teach me Risk. I’m new at the game thing, but jumping right in.

  • Tony Chavira says:

    Let me know when and we’ll put it together! i’ll even bring over my own version of risk and we can play. it’s essentially a world-war game where you’re given strategies on cards and actual military. i’d probably add another rule that you collect cards (more troops in the game, which will be government cash for redevelopment probably) when you lobby for it. but the game has strategy cards, so yeah… more fun to be had!

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