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BIG WATER Kickstarter Campaign

By 10/27/2012September 7th, 2014Gilda's Posts

BIG WATER thank youAll of us are eternally grateful to all of you who provided us with love and support for our first-ever graphic novel project, BIG WATER, which was also our first-ever Kickstarter Campaign.

The official Kickstarter backer count is 106, but in reality, with you online-payment-adverse-check-writers and the crazy-pool-our-resources-to-buy-a-$500-character “Patrick Scones” team, there were actually closer to 125!

Stay tuned for an update of this blog post on how we did our Kickstarter Campaign.  We really appreciated the advice we got from Beverley Keefe and Kristen Schwartz, who were successful Kickstarter campaigners from days gone by, so we will pass forward what we learned on to you. Soon.

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