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We Have a Winner!

By 11/17/2010September 9th, 2014All Posts, Gilda's Posts
A few months ago we invited all of you to participate in our first ever survey-contest about what you would like to see simply explained on Dr. Pop, and….


We Have a Winner!

Dr. Pop’s We’re-All-Ears Survey winner is:
Anne Bray
who will soon receive a tiny, shiny, red ipod nano engraved with a special missive from Dr. Pop.

Anne’s question, summarized: Gentrification: What is reality and what is myth?  Do we HAVE TO have it to grow and survive?  How do global markets affect my city?  When (and if) capitalism is crumbling and government collapsing?

Anne’s response to winning: Thrilled that an artist can win a contest about economics!

About Anne: Anne Bray is an artist, teacher, and the founding Director of Freewaves, a media arts organization and video showcase in Los Angeles. Anne now wants to start a neighborhood TV network on L.A.’s city buses.

We’re using Anne, Bob, and Steve’s questions as inspiration to plan for 2011.  And don’t worry, we’ll give credit where credit is due on future work to remind you where our great ideas came from.

If you still want to send us your questions (or answers!) we would simply LOVE that.

Just go to the Dr. Pop website and you will find forms scattered all over the place —  under Economy, Urban Planning, and Democracy.

Our runners up are…
Bob Hamilton of Glasgow edits the City Strolls website (AND he took me on a fabulous walking tour of Glasgow just last month!) asks about The Common Good….which means something specific in Scotland that resonates with all of us here, namely, let’s keep public assets public. 

Steve Schnapp of Boston is the Education Coordinator for United for a Fair Economy, a smart organization and website all about what it will take to reduce inequality and make our economy more fair.  Steve’s question was about how to simply explain the crisis of capital accumulation.

Both Bob and Steve received the rare (only 2 left!) and useful pill-shaped Dr. Pop flash drive.

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