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On Just Showing Up

By 06/02/2010September 9th, 2014All Posts, Gilda's Posts

Woody Allen on Just Showing UpI’m writing this in the spirit of retraction.

Not for anything that I have posted here on Dr. Pop, but rather for things that I have posted on the facebook Wall of Life.

So here it is.  For years, whenever anyone — particularly young people —  would quote Woody Allen’s maxim that “90% of life is just showing up,” I would go into automatic rant-response about (a) how that is SO not true and (b) how preparation is everything.

This Gilda-rant-#357 typically continues on about how preparation is the key to great events, meetings, and collaborations. Etc., etc., etc.

And then, after all that preparation, if you don’t show up… well, then you’re just stupid.

But the other night at the lovely event that SAJE had organized to honor my “legacy,” I looked around the friendly room and was reminded that showing up has its own beautiful intrinsic value.

So here is my official retraction coupled with admiration for all of you who have” just showed up” for all those meetings, hearings, actions, events, and picket lines.  Who showed up in New Orleans.  Who showed up in Arizona. Who will show up in Detroit.

Just to show your solidarity and support.

Kudos to Jose Zamarripa who captured the actual event on this video in an entertaining way.

SAJE Legacy Event 2010 from Zetasan on Vimeo.

And… kudos to Tiny Team for completely capturing what it feels like to be an organizer surrounded by all that showing up, solidarity, and support in the picture that they drew for the invitation.

SAJE legacy event invitation

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