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Crisis Comics

By 08/26/2009September 9th, 2014Gilda's Posts, Meltdown

Meltdown funnies For comic book and funnies fans, the economic crisis has spawned plenty to educate and entertain.  Here are a few:

Economic Meltdown Funnies

First up, is the economic crisis 101 comic book by our friends at the Institute for Policy Studies (Institute? Comics? Yep…hard times require comics) and Jobs with Justice.  Written by Chuck Collins and Nick Thorkelson, the book is a humorous and informative take on the Meltdown that walks us through the many factors that led to the current crisis. You can download a free copy here.

Lex Luthor asks for a Bailout


Subprime Mortgage Primer

Last year’s catharsis is a stick-figure-profanity-laced-powerpoint that tells it like it was.  You can click through the 45 page piece in about 2 minutes.

sub-prime primer

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