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How to Pinterest

By 03/11/2013September 4th, 2014All Posts, DIT (Do-It-Together), Jackie's Posts

The internet, and most specifically social media-oriented websites, are great at being total time burglars. Meaning, you can lose a lot of time looking at pictures, “liking” what people see, say and do, in addition to watching way too many cat videos. As of lately, I’ve taken a keen interest DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects around the house to de-stress and make my apartment a more cozy place after those long days at work. (Stress will be covered in another blog post) The newest tool that is feeding both my addiction to organization, cleaning, and DIY-ing is Pinterest.

Pinterest, as the name suggests, is a social media site where users can pin/”like” images and add them to a “pinboard” where they can categorized by the user according to interest, hobby, etc. For those who like to geek out on web analytics, Pinterest has a page (which you can also follow) dedicated to understanding how people use the site. It turns out that 80% of all users are women, but I digress.





Now this is the fun part. This is where you get to create, essentially, a folder or “board” to pin images that you like according to category. If you look at my profile, you can see that I have five boards:

OCD  All things related to cleaning advice, creating pet-friendly cleaning solutions and the like (Yes, I enjoy cleaning. A lot.)

Big Hair  This is where I keep pictures of hairstyles I might want to try for my big hair (hence the name)

DIY Home  All things related to projects I’d like to try out at home

Vegetarian Heaven  This is where I keep all my recipes

Wildflower Season  Pretty self-explanatory

And the fun thing is I can create as many boards as I want and name them as I please.


This is where you can browse around the site and “pin” images to your boards and “re-pin” images you see from other users that you may like.


Want to share something with the world?

Most websites now have a red button that says “Pin it!,” which allows you to create a pin that you can either:

a) add it to one of your boards, or


b) upload it to Pinterest and have an opportunity for other users to Pin it as well. You can also pin original content or images using this tool.

Now, Pin away!

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