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5 Elements of Great Storytelling

By 11/23/2009September 9th, 2014DIT (Do-It-Together), Gilda's Posts, Storytelling

Dr. Pop is really about storytelling — about who gets to tell the story, how it gets told and how to figure out what the point is. In the economy and in life.

Here are the 5 Elements of Great Storytelling, presented with illustrations and examples from the Dr. Pop website and other favorites, presented in the videoblog below.

1.  What does your character want?

2.  What’s the hook?

3.  Use dialogue and quotes.

4.  The essence of drama is conflict.

5.  Fulfill the promise.

For other resources on great storytelling, check out:

Smart Meme is an intriguing and intelligent organization for whom story-telling is the political strategy. Dr. Pop agrees. Their tagline? Changing the Story, of course. Smart Meme has a great website and a lot of good thinking to offer.

A Story is a Promise by Bill Johnson (who, according to Gary also does great workshops for fiction writers). Recommended here is the 1-hour DVD where Bill reads from a number of well-known books and talks about several popular movies “to take viewers into the heart of what a story is, a promise made to an audience, and a promise kept.”

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