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Tools for a Greener Economy

By 06/05/2010September 8th, 2014All Posts, Green Economy
What follows are popular education scripts, curricula, poster, brochure, and a culminating report to help engage workers, youth, and families in creating a more green and equitable economy.  Produced by participants in the 2010 UCLA Community Scholars Program. Available for download, print, or to read on the site.


This fold-out brochure was created by the team of Daniel Gonzalez, Jaime Lopez, Mathew Palmer, and Cathy Person and shows you how to save utility costs (as well as the environment) with simple retrofits.  Information about Los Angeles’ resources for assistance and subsidies is also included.  Images from the brochure are provided below and an 11 x 17 printable version (outside and inside) may be found here.

inside of retrofit brochure

The brochure looks great printed out on 11×17 newsprint.  Contact for a higher resolution version.

heating electric and gas

water and action


This poster was created by Nick Cranmer, Sam Filler, and Uyen Le to promote the kinds of policies that can expand construction career opportunities, reduce poverty, and create a better environment.

Snapshots of the poster panels are presented below and you can also download a printable version of the poster here.

Panel 1: Green Construction Careers

2nd panel: Green Construction poster

3rd Panel: Green Construction Poster

See pages 48-49 of the Tools for a Greener Economy report for details of this large back panel of the poster.


The Native Green Landscaping and Gardening Cooperative, has been organized with the support of the Instituto de Educación Popular del Sur de California (IDEPSCA). The cooperative is comprised of IDEPSCA members, day laborers and household workers, all of whom have completed a green gardening training course and received a certificate in sustainable landscaping from the City of Los Angeles.  Want a to use less water and have a beautiful garden made out of native plants?  Give them a call at: (213) 252-2952 or shoot Raul an email at  They’ll answer any questions and provide a free consultation.

Native Green’s website, brochure, and business cards were designed and produced by the UCLA Community Scholars team of Brenda Aguilera, Sara Martin, and Alex Stevens.

Here’s a shot of the brochure:

Native Green Brochure


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