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Elegant, simple, funny and informative, the LeFevers are inspiring popular educators. They started their “Plain English” brand a few years ago with stop motion paper cut-out videos that explained cyberspace to the masses — RSS in Plain English, Blogs in Plain English, Twitter in plain english, Wikis in Plain English. You get the idea. And now they have done some equally great little videos about basic consumer finance. Borrowing Money, Insurance, and Saving Money — all in Plain English. Here’s commoncraft on Investing Money:

Marketplace Whiteboard

From American Public Media’s signature business show, Marketplace, Senior Editor Paddy Hirsch explains complex financial terms while drawing cartoons on a whiteboard. The results are edifying, entertaining, and charming — good for people who really want to know more about terms like toxic assets or capital structure, to name a few. Check out his explanation of collateralized debt obligations as a bottle of champagne:

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